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  • Diary of a Wimpy Kid Series: Diary of An Awesome Friendly Kid-Companion BookDiary of a Wimpy Kid Series: Diary of An Awesome Friendly Kid-Companion Book : Rowley Jefferson's journal

    Kinney, Jeff, author, illustrator.

    In his first journal, middle schooler Rowley Jefferson, Greg Heffley's sidekick, records his experiences and misguided decision to write a biography of Greg, who, in his own mind, is destined to become rich and famous.

  • The unteachablesThe unteachables

    Korman, Gordon, author.

    Told in alternating voices, the teacher and students in room 117 find their lives changed over the course of a school year.

  • Sacred Duty: A Soldier's Tour at Arlington National CemeterySacred Duty: A Soldier's Tour at Arlington National Cemetery. a soldier's tour at Arlington National Cemetery

    Cotton, Tom, author.

  • Dog Man Series: Brawl of the Wild-Book 6Dog Man Series: Brawl of the Wild-Book 6 : brawl of the wild

    Pilkey, Dav, 1966-, author, artist. http://id.loc.

    When Dog Man is sent to the pound for a crime he didn't commit, his friends work to prove his innocence.

  • The third mushroomThe third mushroom

    Holm, Jennifer L., author.

    When thirteen-year-old Ellie's Grandpa Melvin, a world-renowned scientist in the body of a fourteen-year-old boy, comes for an extended visit, he teaches her that experimenting--and failing--is part of life.

  • I Funny Series: The nerdiest, wimpiest, dorkiest I funny ever -Book 4I Funny Series: The nerdiest, wimpiest, dorkiest I funny ever -Book 4

    Patterson, James, 1947-, author.

    Comedian Jamie Grimm, accompanied by Uncle Frank, New Aunt Flora, and friends, circles the globe as host of regional competitions, then competes, himself, in the Planet's Funniest Kid Worldwide contest.

  • A world belowA world below

    King, Wesley, author.

    Mr. Baker's eighth grade class thought they were in for a normal field trip to Carlsbad Caverns in New Mexico, but their journey takes a terrifying turn when an earthquake hits and the students are plunged into a frigid underground lake, forcing them to fight for survival and find their way back above ground.

  • Dog Man Series: Dog man and cat kid-Book 4Dog Man Series: Dog man and cat kid-Book 4

    Pilkey, Dav, 1966-, author, artist.

    When a new sitter arrives and a movie star goes missing, Dog Man and Cat Kid investigate, but Petey, the world's most evil cat, complicates their case.

  • Deep waterDeep water

    Key, Watt, author.

    When a dive off the coast of Alabama goes horribly wrong, twelve-year-old Julie and one of her father's scuba clients struggle to survive after reaching an abandoned oil rig.

  • No slam dunkNo slam dunk

    Lupica, Mike, author.

    In Annapolis, Maryland, seventh-grader Wes is a good teammate but this basketball season has been challenging because of his ball hog teammate Dinero, who is determined to steal the spotlight, and Wes's army veteran father who is suffering from PTSD.

  • Dear Evan HansenDear Evan Hansen : the novel

    Emmich, Val, author.

    Evan goes from being a nobody to everyone's hero and a social media superstar after a chance encounter with Connor just before his suicide leads others to believe Evan was his only friend.

  • Dog Man Series: Lord of the Fleas-Book 5Dog Man Series: Lord of the Fleas-Book 5 : lord of the fleas

    Pilkey, Dav, 1966-, author, illustrator.

    "When a new bunch of baddies bust up the town, Dog Man is called into action -- and this time he isn't alone. With a cute kitten and a remarkable robot by his side, our heroes must save the day by joining forces with an unlikely ally: Petey, the World's Most Evil Cat. But can the villainous Petey avoid vengeance and venture into virtue?"--Provided by publisher.

  • Guinness world records 2019Guinness world records 2019


    "The world's most popular record book is back with thousands of new categories and newly broken records, covering everything from outer space to sporting greats via Instagram, fidget spinners and all manner of human marvels. Inside you'll find hundreds of never-before-seen photographs and countless facts, figures, stats and trivia waiting for you on every action-packed page. Guinness World Records 2019 is the ultimate snapshot of our world today."--Publisher's description.

  • WhatshisfaceWhatshisface

    Korman, Gordon, author.

    Twelve-year-old Cooper Vega and his military family have moved so often that he is used to new schoolmates not knowing his name. At the moment he has a bigger problem--his new phone is haunted by the ghost of Roderick Northrop, a boy from the sixteenth-century, who needs his help to finish a quest, which is somehow tied up in the Stratford Middle School production of Romeo and Juliet.

  • Dog Man Series: A Tale of Two Kitties-Book 3Dog Man Series: A Tale of Two Kitties-Book 3 : a tale of two kitties

    Pilkey, Dav, 1966-, author, illustrator.

    "Canine cop Dog Man is back, and he's about to be bested by the world's most conniving cat crook!"--

  • A dog's way homeA dog's way home

    Cameron, W. Bruce, author.

    Lucas Ray is shocked when an adorable puppy jumps out of an abandoned building and into his arms. Though the apartment he shares with his mother, a disabled veteran, doesn't allow dogs, Lucas can't resist taking Bella home. Bella is inexplicably drawn to Lucas, even if she doesn't understand the necessity of games like No Barks. As it becomes more difficult to hide her from the neighbors, Lucas begins to sneak Bella into the VA where he works. There, Bella brings joy and comfort where it is needed most. After Bella is picked up by Animal Control because pit bulls are banned in Denver, Lucas has no choice but to send her to a foster home until he can figure out what to do. But Bella, distraught at the separation, doesn't plan to wait. With four hundred miles of dangerous Colorado wilderness between her and her person, Bella sets off on a seemingly impossible and completely unforgettable adventure home.

  • Diary of a Wimpy Kid Series: The Getaway-Book 12Diary of a Wimpy Kid Series: The Getaway-Book 12 : the getaway

    Kinney, Jeff, author, illustrator.

    Greg Heffley and his family escape to a tropical island resort for some much-needed rest and relaxation, but sun poisoning, stomach troubles, and venemous creatures all threaten their vacation.

  • Pottymouth and StoopidPottymouth and Stoopid

    Patterson, James, 1947- author. aut

    Two bullied underdogs finally win the day when their troubles inspire a hit TV show.

  • Magnus Chase & the Gods of Asgard: The Ship of the Dead -Book 3Magnus Chase & the Gods of Asgard: The Ship of the Dead -Book 3

    Riordan, Rick, author.

    Magnus and his friends set sail for the farthest borders of Jotunheim and Niflheim in pursuit of Asgard's greatest threat, Loki's demonic ship full of zombies.

  • National geographic kids almanac 2018National geographic kids almanac 2018

    Provides the latest information on a wide range of topics, including animals, culture, geography, the environment, history, and science.

  • U.S. presidentsU.S. presidents

    Dumont, Brianna, author. aut

    You'll have a blast learning that there's a lot of substance and weirdness in every president's past.

  • To All the Boys I've Loved Before Series:Always and forever, Lara Jean-Book 3To All the Boys I've Loved Before Series:Always and forever, Lara Jean-Book 3

    Han, Jenny, author.

    As high school ends, Lara Jean looks forward to her father's remarriage and seeing her sister, but she must choose a college, prepare to leave home, and possibly leave her beloved Peter behind.

  • HideoutHideout

    Key, Watt, author.

    "The son of a Mississippi policeman finds a boy living in hiding in the wilderness and tries to help him without giving away his secret"--

  • Doctor StrangeDoctor Strange

    Irvine, Alexander (Alexander C.), author. aut

    Marvel's Doctor Strange follows the story of the talented neurosurgeon Doctor Stephen Strange who, after a tragic car accident, must put ego aside and learn the secrets of a hidden world of mysticism and alternate dimensions. Based in New York City's Greenwich Village, Doctor Strange must act as an intermediary between the real world and what lies beyond, utilizing a vast array of metaphysical abilities and artifacts to protect the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

  • Once and for allOnce and for all : a novel

    Dessen, Sarah, author.

    Louna's years working at her mother's wedding planning business--as well as the tragic end of her first love--have shaped her cynical views on romance, but the arrival of serial-dater Ambrose may start to change Louna's mind and give her a second chance at love.

  • BookedBooked

    Alexander, Kwame, author.

    Twelve-year-old Nick loves soccer and hates books, but soon learns the power of words as he wrestles with problems at home, stands up to a bully, and tries to impress the girl of his dreams.

  • AvengersAvengers : age of Ultron

    Irvine, Alexander author. aut

    The Avengers, Earth's mightiest heroes, battle against Ultron, a deranged peacekeeping program, to save humanity from extinction.

  • The leavingThe leaving

    Altebrando, Tara, author.

    "Six kindergarteners were taken. Eleven years later, five come back--with no idea of where they've been. No one remembers the sixth victim, Max. Avery, Max's sister, needs to find her brother--dead or alive--and isn't buying this whole memory-loss story"--

  • Jacky Ha-HaJacky Ha-Ha

    Patterson, James, 1947- author. aut

    Twelve-year-old Jacky "Ha-Ha" Hart is a class clown--and when she's required to act in the school play to appease her teachers, she must conquer her stutter.

  • Slacker Series: Slacker-Book 1Slacker Series: Slacker-Book 1

    Korman, Gordon, author.

    When eighth-grader Cameron Boxer creates the Positive Action Group at school he intends it as a diversion to fool his parents, teachers, and sister into letting him continue to concentrate on his video-gaming--but before he knows it other kids are taking it seriously, and soon he finds himself president of the P.A.G., and involved in community service, so the boy who never cared about anything is now the center of everything, whether he likes it or not.

  • Diary of a Wimpy Kid Series:  Double Down-Book 11Diary of a Wimpy Kid Series: Double Down-Book 11 : Double Down

    Kinney, Jeff, author, illustrator.

    Greg Heffley's mom wants him to take a break from video games while Halloween approaches and he comes up with an idea to make a movie.

  • Dog Man Series: Dog Man-Book 1Dog Man Series: Dog Man-Book 1

    Pilkey, Dav, 1966-, author, illustrator.

    Dog Man, a crimefighter with the head of a police dog and the body of a policeman, faces off against his archnemesis Petey the Cat.

  • Mo'Ne Davis: Remember my nameMo'Ne Davis: Remember my name : my story, from first pitch to game changer

    Beard, Hilary, author.

    Mo'ne's story is one of determination, hard work, and an incredible fastball. Mo'ne is a multisport athlete who also plays basketball and soccer and is an honor-roll student at her school in Philadelphia.

  • ThorThor

    Irvine, Alexander (Alexander C.), author. aut

    "Once just a powerful and arrogant royal from another realm, Thor became one of Earth's finest defenders. Join the action as this Super Hero battles for mankind in this complete origin story as told in Thor."--Provided by publisher.

  • Diary of a Wimpy Kid Series: Old School-Book 10Diary of a Wimpy Kid Series: Old School-Book 10 : old school

    Kinney, Jeff, author.

    "Life was better in the old days. Or was it? That's the question Greg Heffley is asking as his town voluntarily unplugs and goes electronics-free. But modern life has its conveniences, and Greg isn't cut out for an old-fashioned world. With tension building inside and outside the Heffley home, will Greg find a way to survive?"--

  • I Funny Series: I funny TV-Book 6I Funny Series: I funny TV-Book 6 : a middle school story

    Patterson, James, 1947-

    Wheelchair-bound middle school student Jamie Grimm's recent victory in the Planet's Funniest Kid Comic Contest leads to a television sitcom based on his life, but being the star of the show forces him to balance his newfound success with the responsibilities of being a good friend.

  • Weird but true! Ripped from the headlines 2Weird but true! Ripped from the headlines 2

    Read hundreds of weird but true stories.

  • Dork Diaries: Tales from a not-so-dorky drama queen- Book 9Dork Diaries: Tales from a not-so-dorky drama queen- Book 9

    Russell, Rachel Renée, author.

    Nikki's diary is up to the month of April, and springtime is sure to bring more wacky adventures with Nikki and her friends Chloe, Zoey, and Brandon!.

  • Last year's mistakeLast year's mistake

    Ciocca, Gina, author.

    Although Kelsey has fallen in love with her best friend, David, she cuts ties with him before moving from Connecticut to Rhode Island, believing they need a fresh start, but David moves nearby at the start of senior year, threatening Kelsey's relationship with Ryan.

  • The Blackthorn keyThe Blackthorn key

    Sands, Kevin, author.

    In 1665 London, fourteen-year-old Christopher Rowe, apprentice to an apothecary, and his best friend, Tom, try to uncover the truth behind a mysterious cult, following a trail of puzzles, codes, pranks, and danger toward an unearthly secret with the power to tear the world apart.

  • The Incredible HulkThe Incredible Hulk

    Irvine, Alexander author. aut

    "Young adventure fans are invited to join the action as The Incredible Hulk fights against Abomination in the Hulk's complete origin story."--Publisher.

  • The AvengersThe Avengers

    Irvine, Alexander (Alexander C.), author. aut

    "Gathered together by S.H.I.E.L.D, Captain America, Iron Man, the Hulk, Thor, Black Widow and Hawkeye must protect the world from ultimate destruction"--Provided by publisher.

  • To All the Boys I've Loved Before Series: P.S. I still love you-Book 2To All the Boys I've Loved Before Series: P.S. I still love you-Book 2

    Han, Jenny.

    "Lara Jean didn't expect to really fall for Peter. She and Peter were just pretending. Except suddenly they weren't. Now Lara Jean is more confused than ever. When another boy from her past returns to her life, Lara Jean's feelings for him return too. Can a girl be in love with two boys at once?"--

  • Sweet Evil Series: Sweet Reckoning-Book 3Sweet Evil Series: Sweet Reckoning-Book 3

    Higgins, Wendy.

    Anna Whitt, daughter of a guardian angel and a fallen one, join forces with her true love Kaidan Rowe, as the Nephilim gather together one last time to fight against the demonic Dukes for their freedom.

  • The fourteenth goldfishThe fourteenth goldfish

    Holm, Jennifer L.

    Ellie's scientist grandfather has discovered a way to reverse aging, and consequently has turned into a teenager--which makes for complicated relationships when he moves in with Ellie and her mother, his daughter.

  • Middle School Series: Get me out of here!- Book 2Middle School Series: Get me out of here!- Book 2

    Patterson, James, 1947-, author.

    After surviving sixth grade, Rafe expects seventh grade to be a fun zone because he has been accepted to art school in the big city, but when he discovers it is more competitive than he expected, he sets out to turn his boring life into the inspiration for a work of art.

  • Divergent Series: Four-Companion BookDivergent Series: Four-Companion Book : a Divergent collection

    Roth, Veronica, author.

    Told from Tobias's point of view, Four shares details of his transfer from Abnegation to Dauntless, his intiation, and claiming his place in the Dauntless hierarchy.

  • The Zombie Chasers: Nothing left to ooze-Book 5The Zombie Chasers: Nothing left to ooze-Book 5

    Kloepfer, John.

    "After the country rezombifies, Zack and the Zombie Chasers head out in search of a new antidote"--

  • The promise of amazingThe promise of amazing

    Constantine, Robin, author.

    When the passive strategy she has always adopted proves injurious to her heart's goals, ordinary girl Wren inadvertently saves the life of expelled lacrosse player Grayson and embarks on an awkward romance that compels both to start over.

  • My Life with the Walter BoysMy Life with the Walter Boys

    Novak, Ali.

    Jackie Howard does not like surprises. Chaos is the enemy! The best way to get her successful, busy parents to notice her is to be perfect. The perfect look, the perfect grades--the perfect daughter. And then... Surprise #1 Jackie's family dies in a freak car accident. Surprise #2 Jackie has to move cross-country to live with the Walters--her new guardians. Surprise #3 The Walters have twelve sons. (Well, eleven, but Parker acts like a boy anyway) Jackie is now surrounded by the enemy. Loud, dirty, annoying boys--who have no concept of personal space. Okay, several of the oldest guys are flat-out gorgeous. But still annoying. She's not stuck-up or boring--no matter what they say. But proving it is another matter. How can she fit in and move on when she needs to keep her parents' memory alive by living up to the promise of perfect?.

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